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Yoga, which means the union of mind, body, and spirit, is a wonderful way to create balance from within. From this place of balance and calm, you can feel sober life better prepared to face and enjoy life’s many wonderful uncertainties. It’s normal to feel anxious and stressed about how you’ll cope with life at home.

It is important for you to then take this positive momentum and start searching out new experiences that will enhance your life through fun or personal benefit. If you’re in recovery, you want to avoid environments that support or condone substance abuse. Repeated exposure to friends, family, or coworkers who abuse substances can make you feel powerless and cause an undue amount of stress in your life. We do an initial consultation (a pre-assessment) to determine if a person is eligible for online support. Some people need a structured environment for the early stages of recovery. We have operated residential and outpatient treatment settings as well as through an online counseling center for many years, so we understand each environment.

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Sober living houses that have a low staff to client ratios also need to be avoided. You should also avoid sober living houses where the staff is not trained or equipped to deal with those in recovery. If a facility does not perform drug testing or offers little or no educational programs, life skills training or support groups – stay away. Additionally, if the facility does not provide referrals to medical or mental health professionals, you would be wise to look elsewhere. For twenty years, Robert and Stephanie Tucker ran sober living homes, a detox center and New Life Spirit Recovery, a state-certified drug and alcohol treatment center. In that time, they helped thousands find healing, hope and restoration in Christ by dealing with the roots that drive addiction.

Adrienne Miller shares her journey to a substance-free life, the gift of the New Life Program, and the power of multiple pathways for women seeking recovery. Our program makes sobriety a happy existence by helping us to understand ourselves better. Our sobriety is more than simply a period of time in which we are not drinking; it becomes a happy learning experience. We are now beginning to create a new woman, the woman we always wanted to be but never thought possible. The Women for Sobriety New Life Program helps you to change your thinking and shows you how to be the dynamic woman you have the capability of becoming.

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Over the years, he’s not only counseled and influenced thousands of men and women in their journey of recovery, but has trained hundreds of counselors to use this same process in administering healing to others. We are internationally recognized in the area of codependence healing and resources. Codependence is now run through our ministry which provides education, counseling, intensives and prayer support. Learn more about Spirit of Life Recovery directed by Stephanie Tucker. Locating a good sober living can be a daunting task, but if you start early and invest the time and energy into this next level of your recovery, it will reward you for a lifetime.

As you continue to make these changes you can look forward to a wealth of positivity that will counteract any uncertainty or fear you have in regards to making these changes. Work on learning to recognize, and perhaps even end, those relationships that will sabotage your efforts. Everything you need to live a life in total balance from the authority in well-being. For more information on ways to access support from other women participating in the New Life Program, please visit the Community page.

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I began to smoke marijuana and at first it didn’t affect any of the family factors in my life. But by the end of my senior year in high school I didn’t want to be with my family on the holidays. As you continue to work exercise into your daily or weekly routine you will start to see a whole host of positive changes in your life. Exercising consistently has been proven to give you more energy, help you lose weight or prevent weight gain, help you sleep better, and even help minimize feelings of depression. Depending on where you are on your journey of recovery you are probably feeling some of these positive outcomes.

  • We use a wide range of materials and content that will highlight and accessorize the healing process.
  • Sober living houses have a zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol and will evict anyone caught violating this rule.
  • Robert’s private practice stems from a relentless interest in offering a spectrum of services, including both practical and spiritual tools to drive a life of sobriety and freedom.
  • I remember being little; I would go to Iowa to spend Thanksgiving at my grandparents house and hang out with my entire family.

However, in California, there are Sober Living House Associations that oversee health, safety, and operations of the houses. These include the Sober Living Network (SLN) and California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). Due diligence is strongly encouraged when considering a sober living house. Hopefully, as you honestly recognize these potential pitfalls to your recovery, you will want to set yourself up to succeed and protect the freedom you have from your addiction. Because you realize that you are still very fragile and vulnerable in your recovery, it may be wise for you to not go back into that unhealthy environment and instead, transition into a sober living house.